Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pride and prejudice.

...Watching Pride and prejudice with my family right now. Thinking about Holly (it's her favorite movie) and how badly I don't want to go to colegio tomorrow. ;-) I don't like this movie in English, and it's even more boring in Spanish lol sry holly. ;-)

This was a new experience for me. haha, So that's not actual money below, but it is like it. You catch as much you can and have to put it through the little slot in the front. You have 20 seconds. I made 19 soles, but it was actually 38 bills because it was all by 50 cents so I think I did okay lol:-) Then, you get to use the money in the store;-)

Today, all I want to do is encourage you. I want to encourage you to look at your life for at a second and stop trying to plan for the future. Stop trying to think that everything has to be done right now. Whether it be you faith, your job, or school... don't try to make it all happen right now.

One thing I have found learning this language is that it is a lot like my faith. I'm always wanting to be further along then were I am. I'm always wanting to learn something more significant than what I am learning. And in the meantime I forgot all about how far I have come. I forget to thank God from bringing me from the point of naivety to being able to speak. I forget how monumental that is.

Just rest in where you are now. Don't be angry about your doubts. Accept that God will take care of them one at a time. One Word at a time.



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