Monday, September 19, 2011

at capacity...

Don't know if I told you this or not but I couldn't make a video this week because my computer literally won't let me:-( I'm at capacity. But don't worry, I just received my hard drive from my mom... so we'll be back up and running soon.

On another note...

Today I realized many things...

1) I know for sure that I will be learning French sometime in the future. (My friends started speaking french and I could understand like 10 percent of what they were saying... it was freaky.)

2) God has blessed me with great friends that are praying for me. Had some big decisions to make today, and for some reason one of my friends wrote on my wall today that they were praying for me. It was amazing.

3)I'm so ready for summer to come;-) (getting a little tired of being without heat;-)

4)Find myself being just as comfortable in Spanish (almost) as English. Skyped with Maggie, and then my family here in peru and I skyped my host sister who lives in the U.S. We all talked in Spanish the whole time and I understood everything. ;-) It was awesome.

5) God is taking care of everything. Answering questions. Giving me peace. Giving me rest. There are so many friends I want to tell you guys about down here but now isn't the appropriate time. I just want you to pray for them... because God is opening the hearts of atheists down here, and it is so incredible to see. It truly proves to me that if you just stay in your Word, and focus on Christ... even the hard things are easy.



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  1. Will be praying! Hows your friend Lydia doing with her homesick? Continue to pray that God gives you everything you need when you need it. Way to go letting God use you as his vessel. God BLESS you!