Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'd say I'm about ready to collapse. Can't decide what is more tiring, the weekends or the weekdays:-/ today was really awesome though, we went to an ophanage and got to just hang out and become friends with all the kids.

I took my camera of course and was super nervous to use it, but it was actually the children who begged me to take it out. Within 5 seconds of that first question the second came, "can we take pictures with your camera?" That was the last I saw of my camera for about 3 hours lol. But now, I have a treat of about 100 photos taken by orphans for you all.

I'm learning a lot about idolatry right now. Like today, almost everybody was super worried about the kids breaking my camera. And I'll admit I was a little too. But God just kept telling me, "What matters more." Honestly, I think the smiles on their faces answered that question.

But it made me wonder why we care so much about stuff like that. Yah, we can say that it's because those things cost a lot of money, but I think in reality we are all just being selfish about it. I can't tell you how much joy I received from those kids today, despite being tired. It reminded me of El Salvador with Holly... when a bunch of little kids see a tall gringo they think jungle gym. It was priceless.

I played a game with this one little boy literally for an hour. He would switch a little pebble in his hands behind his back and ask me which one it was in... literally, the same game for an entire hour. I think by the end I was literally praying for God to help the little kid ask to play basketball or something other than "which hand is it in now." But nevertheless, I loved it. And I couldn't stop laughing because he would literally switch it from one hand to the other every time... right. left. right. left. right. haha. so I literally knew every time what hand it was in. But the boy still thought he was soo clever. ;-)

Today, I gave up some of my personally space. I let my body be a jungle gym. I stood on my knees the whole day to make the kids feel more comfortable. I came back with grease on one of my favorite shirts. I used every bit of energy I had left for the week.

But I left with joy. I guess I can just say that today I learned again, that true joy comes through sacrifice. Through again considering yourself less and them more.

Look at what you spend you time doing... don't let it distract you from the LIFE God is trying to show you.



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