Friday, September 16, 2011

Me on T.V....;-)

Yeah, so it wasn't a lie, I really was on national television... for about 8 whole seconds;-) Super embarrassing, and the edited all the funny parts (aka, the entire t.v. crew calling me shaggy from scooby doo...) but here it is. I think I come in around the 6th minute;-)



P.S. My legs are killing me. We had our second day of asking for money today around Lima with Rotary. It was really fun, I would get on a combi when the stop light turned red, give them my speech (Disculpe senores, quieres donar algo para la lucha contra cancer), collect the money, and try to escape all before the light turned green. I actually got stuck on the combi once and got carried through lima for about five minute... thought I was lost, but then realized the giant Wong (basically walmart) and knew where I was at. It's all good. Gonna go sleep now;-)

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