Friday, September 2, 2011


Going to my first professional soccer game... IN PERU! Peru is playing against Bolivia and all of Lima is super excited. A lot of the kids in my school were incredibly, and i mean incredibly, jealous :-( when they found out I was going:-0

But before I go there... I have to go back to the hospital. They're going to take out my stitches. Not sure what that is going to feel like so yah. ;-)

I gave the girl from yesterday in my school my Bible in Spanish. She almost started crying. It only took about 5 seconds for her to look at it until she started asking everybody for their favorite verses. By the middle of the day, she had a page filled with scriptures. ;-) It's pretty cool to watch.

It reminded me of when I first became a christian. Everything was so exciting and new. It was soo easy to get into God's Word for hours at a time. I think she awakened my spirit a little more to the whole, "Come as a child" scripture. I mean, she opened her bible like it was a christmas present. Like the words were gold. Hmm. which they are;-)

It's kinda like me in Peru. Every building I see is like "the coolest thing ever..." but to my parents it is normal. Likewise for them if they came to Quincy. After time, I think we often loose sight of how lucky we really are. For me, I didn't realize how many people in the world haven't really seen a "starry sky" like quincy. There are countless things I could list that I took for granted. It makes me think about my life here in Peru. What am I already taking for granted. Fresh bread maybe;-)

Try to think back to the last time your life was simple. Why was it simple. For me, it all comes back to being in the moment, and appreciating what you have RIGHT NOW. :-) And for all those in Quincy, cherish the fact that you can drive through your town in minutes, because I can't seem to get out of this one... no matter how far we go;-)

We can't forget our innocence. ;-)



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