Sunday, September 4, 2011


haha. yup. sorry, I've been slacking a bit;-) My video will probably be done by tomorrow... but if not, I trust you guys will forgive me;-) As each week passes, my family seems to find another amazing thing that they want me to try. Which is completely awesome. Just a little tiring sometimes;-)

Today we spent the whole day cleaning the house. Up and down, behind the bookshelves and everything. I finally managed to organize all the things my mom sent me. For about the millionth time, we found use for my height as well. All the houses have barbwire around the tops of them or electric fences, and today I hung flags from all the different countries on the barb wire using a ladder that look more like driftwood put together with bobby pins;-) Yeah, I was a little worried, especially with a giant cactus beneath me;-)

We had a feast today... literally. All of the exchange students made something from their host country. I made macaroni and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. WITH NINA!!! It was lots of fun. We had success the whole time... until the very end. Let's just say we both forgot there were cookies in the oven, and neither of us set the timer. ;-0 But fortunately, my dad loves burnt cookies:-/

I ate so much I decided to name my stomach... GORDI. Gordi because in spanish, "gordo" is fat... hence, Gordi. I now make all the exchange students greet my stomach when they greet me;-) it is pretty funny.

I love Peru so much.

In the end... I finished the night with tons of people at the party asking me to show them hollys music. So again, I did a tour of youtube video and tried my best to as well tell them about how incredibly amazing of a sister she is. :-) Makes me a bit homesick sometimes when i listen to her music. Only a bit. ;-) It helps to sing along.

Right now, I'm sitting with three inca cola bottle beside me... so I'm going to stop writing and take advantage of this opportunity;-)



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