Thursday, September 1, 2011

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiing... whoops.

Yup. So I had my 1st tardy I think of my entire life today. haha. We had our Rotary meeting until 12:00 last night, so lets just say I was a little tired this morning. Usual I wake up easily, but I guys my ears just didn't want to hear an alarm this morning;-) I woke up at 7:55. School starts at 7:30. Let's just say I'm glad today was our final day of the Olympics. Because on a regular day I would've been in a lot more trouble;-)

Today we played hand ball. AND WON! It was really cool. I scored a few goals which was pretty fun too. ;-)

But man, you should see how good these guys are at soccer. It is incredible. I thought that people in Quincy were good... (which they still are, just not this good.) haha. Half the time, I couldn't even tell you which part of their body they were using to control the ball.

Everybody was soo excited. It's like the school erupted when the first soccer game began. The last game didn't start until after school was out, but no one budged when the bell rang. It was crazy. But now I see why. I mean it was incredible. I thought I was watching professionals. ;-) I'm glad I didn't sign up to play, although, I think I would've held my own still in the goalie position;-)

Who knows...

All I know, is that today... one of my friends, who isn't religious, told me that she saw something in me, and she wanted what that was. She said she saw life in me, and this other girl (a christian as well) in my class. Don't worry it wasn't creepy or anything. She told me that she asked God for a sign the night before if He was real. And today, I pulled out my children's spanish bible during the break so I could practice listening as people read to me. :-) It was awesome. It was like a little Bible study.

And do you know how this girl got from being a non-believer to being curious. Well, turns out one of my friends left a song up of Holly Starr in the girls house. ;-) She translated it, and said it was so beautiful. I believe the song was My Cry. It's amazing how God can use "accidents" like that. Hmm.

It's strange. I've been reading a lot lately in the Bible and in my devotional about being a light around people even when you don't know it. I've been praying about it a lot down here... especially since I don't have the capability to speak about God yet... (hindered vocabulary). But I guess it's true, that actions speak louder than words.

Don't try. Just Be. Open the Word, and let God do the rest.




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  1. Way to Go Luke and Holly!! So glad you guys are changing the world! God I am sure is SO PLEASED!! Good Job good and faithful servants. Praying for your friend! God is AMAZING!!