Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facts of life...

Literally, this is just going to be facts about my life here;-) In the form of numbers.

5 - Number of bugs I have seen the entire time in Peru!!!!

1.20 - Price to ride the combi to the track (in soles) (40 cents)

14 - number of steps in our stairwell... My family likes to save power, and at night this comes in handy;-) In reality it is 10 steps up, then 4 more to the side. ;-)

4 - number of blocks to my school.

3 - number of breaks during the school day.

10 - each break is ten minutes.

3.00 - amount for 12 loafs of fresh bread (1.00 Dollar!!!!) each day.

1 - case of milk that I buy everyday.

21 - number of gringos I have seen. ;-)

74- my weight in kilos.

6 - number of seconds you have to hold the lever down on the toilet.

7 - number of times the telephone rings.

2 - number of hours we spend talking at the table after dinner... every day;-)

6:40 - time I wake up for school.

3 - number of letters I have received in the mail.

37 - number of days I have been in Peru.

That's all for now;-) Today we continued the olympics. I ran the 100 meter and the 4x100. The 100 meter was more like 60 meter dash, and the 4x100 was more like 1x200, 1x70, 1x150, 1x60 meteres. lol I had the 1x60 meter leg. The track? haha was the road outside of our school. I literally ran faster than a car that was passing by, it was pretty cool. We won both and after my first race all the little kids came running up to me asking, "how do you train." "Do you play futbol?"

It was definitely priceless.

Also, we had a 40 minute break in the middle of the olympics in which me and everyone within 200 feet of me were watching Youtube videos of Holly on their cell phones... haha It was pretty cool. One girl, Valerie, who is an incredible singer... literally, couldn't believe that Holly was my sister. ;-) Many of my friends said that there was no way that Holly wasn't a twin. ;-) haha.

This was also priceless;-)



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