Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a blurp.

three things I forgot to tell you.

1) I PASSED my first exam! Afterwards, my teacher went off for about 30 minutes on how amazing I was and how awful the students were that got a lower grade than me. I felt sooooo bad. You have no idea how embarrassing that was. But at the same time... TOTALLY AWESOME!

2) Forgot to tell you that Peru has it's special hidden treasures. And one of those would be this... sometimes you'll be walking down the street and see someone up against the wall- PEEING! In the middle of the street. It's incredible. Not in every part of Lima, but in some. And usually only at night;-) thankfully. I love the freedom. But don't worry, I've never done it... yet;-) jk jk

3) It's the anniversary of my parents today. I woke up early and went and bought them a slice of chocolate cake. Then, at the rotary meeting I started a chant "beso, beso" (kiss, kiss), but unfortunately, it never amounted to more than a lingering look into each others eyes.

All I have to say for tonight.



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