Thursday, September 8, 2011

358 million more. wow.

today I took a moment to remind myself of all the things I have now, that I didn't have a month and a half ago...

Like fresh bread everyday.

Like lights that only turn on when they want to.

Like a love for fish, onions, and cow heart.;-) I'm starting to realize that your body adjusts. We are so spoiled in the U.S. that we don't need to.

Like a new language. (I now can speak to 358 million more people in this world.)

Like new friends, who can't speak hardly a word of my native tongue.

Like a pole vault pit, that doesn't seem to stay together when you land on it.

Like a new mindset. (seriously, I don't think there is anything better you could do for yourself than life in a third world country. I'm being serious. Learn to see how different life is in other parts of the world... simple. Less is always more here.)

Like a rottweiler who tries to eat all my food... all the time.

Like a love for a country other than my own.

Like churros and cake every. single. day. ;-)

Like combis where you can't breathe it is so tight.

Like no aire conditioning or heaters.

Like wearing the same 4 sets of clothes as many ways as I possible can over and over again. ;-)

Like spending the same amount in a month that I used to spend in a week, or even a day.

Like being happy with life, and being content with what I have.

Like having time to just be... to just read the Word.

Like having the chance to show myself who I really am.

Hope you're having a spectacular day. Tomorrow, I'm going to the university with my sister instead of going to school. I'm going to observe her (dentistry) classes!!!;-) super excited. Then were going to play volleyball after wards. I honestly can't find one thing I don't like about Peru. not one.



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