Tuesday, September 6, 2011

back and attem? (don't know if that's how you spell that) ;-)

Whhhhooooooo! Went to the track today, and then went to do to gymnastics. It was awesome. I feel so out of shape, and all day Gordi (my stomach) was hungry. haha But today at the gymnastics arena, the coach asked me if I'd like to train with the gymnasts, like as a gymnast... not a polevaulter! Yah, I'm super excited but I'm going to have to think about that one. ;-)

After gymnastics I had another little feat. I RODE IN A COMBI... by myself! It's crazy. I felt like a true peruano.

finished the night by drawing this...

In the end,

My class, quinto, is making graduation jackets with all our signatures on the inside... this is mine;-)

Oh, and I found out hillsong came to Peru just before I got here. :-( it was a bummer. Went online and watched some of their concerts in spanish (crazy that I can do that now) and let's just say it was a bit emocional... all I could think is being at Holly's concerts. haha but anyways, I love Peru more today than yesterday.

Shout out to all my family. Love you guys.



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