Monday, August 29, 2011

yeah.. they convinced me.

So my professors convinced me today to play in the Olympics still. They said they were dying to see an American play basketball;-) haha... my class was super glad I played too. ;-)

Actually, I ended up playing Basketball and Volleyball. It was super fun. It reminded me of Spirit week in Quincy and beating the staff. My grade won everything! I was pretty cool;-)

Let's just say, I have a lot more friend now that people know I can play sports... hmmm, wondering if I should really consider them friends.

"Not everyone is who they appear to be." ;-)

On a more incredible note...I GOT TO SKYPE MY FIRST FRIEND TODAY! Maggie Smits. Maggie is an exchange student from our district in Washington who is in Brazil currently. She is probably the coolest person I have ever met... and you can watch her crazy dance skills in one of my previous movies when I was still in Washington. She is probably the most joy filled person I have ever met, and I enjoyed the entire 43 min and 15 seconds that we talked. ;-)

Below is a pic of this incredible friend, and below that... a picture of us "skype-hugging";-) love you maggie.



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