Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a big THANK YOU!

Just wanted to say thanks to everybody reading my blog. ;-) The whole point of this is to share the blessings I have been given with all of you;-) Thanks for commenting on my blogs too;-) Trust me, I do read them. And they are all great! So thank you.

Today I'm going to a "birthday party" at the mall with some of my friends. Two of them share birthdays within two days so were going to go hang out, watch a movie, and just be Peruvian some more. ;-) (Which kind of isn't an option for them;-) haha

But besides that... Here's more about my exchange friends;-)

This is Martine "Martini". haha. Martine is from the United States as well. She is super nice. Martine scored one of the highest grades on the Spanish exam and can conjugate a verb faster in spanish then I can in English. ;-) She is super chill and half the time you hardly know she is there because she has such a quiet, relaxed personality. It's kinda like when were all freaking out about who knows what, Martine is just content in where she is at;-)

ALINA!!! Wow. Ummm, Alina. Alina is definitely hands down the smartest person I have ever met, or will meet. She is 16 and plays the guitar like she's 40. It's incredible. She is from Switzerland. She speaks 5 languages. Upon coming to Peru, she didn't know a word... (this is why she is so smart) after 2 weeks, she knew the language better than any of us, and got the highest grade on the spanish test. It was ridiculous. I can't even describe how amazed I am. It's like she doesn't even have to try. There are so many times when she understands and nobody else does. I mean... SHE DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING! WOW. Alina is also a vegetarian, not because she's all against meat and stuff, she just said where she lives in Switzerland, they don't eat meat. Her whole family is vegetarian. Oh, and to top it off, Alina is a gymnast. Yup. Try to fit all that into one 5'6" girl... you get Alina. But in the end, Alina is incredibly nice and I am so glad she is in our group. ;-)



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