Monday, August 29, 2011

most epic...

Wow... I skyped with my family for the first time last night. It was incredible. They all got to meet my host sister Vanessa! I got to talk to Gma, Gpa, Mom, Dad, Holly, Camille, Bryan, Chris (Base player), and Jeremy (Drummer). It was so weird speaking English again. But it was such an incredible feeling. I guess it was kinda like the feeling you have during sports where you have to eat healthy, and then the day that sports are over for the season... YOU EAT THE ENTIRE PANTRY. Yah that's what it felt like... :-) And I'm super glad I waited a month to skype them to. I felt bad because I couldn't stop talking. ;-)

They all looked so perfect on the other side of the screen. Holly looked like she was 25, Camille looked like she was gonna jump through the screen and live down here with me, Mom... well, was trying to hold back tears, Dad asked all the logical good questions, Grandpa was there to tell me how proud they were of everything I was doing and how happy they were for me, Grandma: well, I just wanted to give her a hug and fall asleep on the couch with her rubbing my head;-) haha, Bryan was just Bryan: chill and happy to see me, and chris and jeremy were trying their best I think to not distract or take any time away from me and my family;-) haha but they were totally welcome;-)

This has been so good for me, being away. I have learned appreciation. I have learned how to grow up, yet still stay young. I have learned how much of our lives is just mental, what we like and what we don't.

It's real strange... I mean I miss my family, I want to miss my family. But you know, God has opened such a clear door here, such a simple door... that there is no need to miss them. I am continually joyful down here in Peru. And it isn't because life here is perfect. It isn't because I am away from my parents. It isn't because I can eat candy whenever I want. The only thing I can come up with, why I haven't had that famous "face in your pillow, cry till you fall asleep because you miss home so much," is because of one reason...

I am in the center of God's will.

I mean, I guess we always are in the center of His will. But right now, for me, it is just more evident than ever before. Where I feel there should be stress there is peace. Anxiety, comfort. Tears, joy.

I love my family more than anything in the world... and Peru has taught me that.

Yes. This is love.

"To Find Life... First you have to lose it."



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  1. All these photos almost made me cry. You are such a blessing Luke. Thanks for your daily blogs I love to read them everyday. And yes you have such a great family but we can so see and hear your inner joy. May God Continue to grow stronger everyday and bless your socks off:) Bless you!! AMIE