Saturday, August 13, 2011

Video coming... eventually. (Probably tomorrow)

Wow. I am soooo tired lol.

Went to the playa (beach) last night with Vanessa and some friends and we wrote our names on this wall that everybody writes on... Kinda like the tunnel in Quincy. We got back at 2 in the morning! :-) Not abnormal at all for the lifestyle down here. :-)

What I really wanted to tell you though, is that I made my first money as a street singer yesterday. I was standing on the steps just singing while we were hanging out... and all of a sudden, 1 sole was dropped at my feet. ;-) it was definitely an experience to remember.

Actually, I have had the opportunity to sing a lot down here... at rotary meetings, my school, on the streets. It has been really cool. My nickname is John Mayer down here... pronounced (whan-mayor). My host dad is convinced that he is going to find me a band to sing with while I am down here;-)

Also, yesterday I found a guitar, very out of tune, in our house. The strings where put on the wrong way... but eventually, we got sound out of it. I sang a song I wrote for my family and then was inspired to write. So, I have officially written my first song in Peru. ;-) Maybe I might post it later on, if Vanessa approves it;-)

Today I'm going to a youth group with some of my friends from school. Really excited. Really really excited. I'm exhausted from having to run around to so many meetings after school for rotary this week, but nothing that a little inka cola (seriously you need to try this stuff;-) and belgium chocolate won't do. ;-)

Hope you all are having an awesome time wherever you are at. And if you are as tired as I am... take a nap, ;-) and rest in the fact that God has it all under control;-)



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