Thursday, August 11, 2011

mood swings.

gonna start this one of with a kicker.

My good friend Ericka from Pennsylvania is in the hospital right now. She's all of a sudden developed something on her brain and is having continual seizures down here. Her parents are flying down right now so pray for her. She had 5 yesterday and had another today. Her arms have been bruised badly from the falls and she is really weak...

It's weird to see what God has in store for us. I mean why would He choose for this to happen to her down here. Why did she need to spend so much money to have to go home. All I know, is God has a plan for everything, even if it seems ridiculous...

As for everything else...

1) Polevaulting was incredible and amazingly crazy at the same time. I mean, polevaulting in another country!!!! I wasn't able to full vault, due to a lack of the right pole, but at least I got to warm up with the team and all that stuff:-)

2) My school is awesome. I have a group of friends now:-) Went to their house today. We had this really good spaghetti looking stuff with potatoes and then walked up a mountain behind their house:-) It's quite a funny experience hiking with people who live in a city of 9 million. Every.... single... rock... is... a.... hazard... ;-)

3) My Spanish is moving rapidly. I catch myself thinking in it all the time. It is crazy. Progress is easy to see to. Like tonight I spoke at a rotary meeting at another club and I didn't even think of what I was going to say before I spoke. I spoke for 8 minutes too... IN COMPLETE SPANISH! Last week, I had to write down my words on a piece of paper to talk for 30 seconds:-) It's incredible. I can't even describe what it is like. It's unreal. It's like understanding calculus the first time you try it... you just don't think that it is possibly possible. ;-) No, it's more like those people who paint pictures upside down and then flip them around to reveal what it is. It's like nothing makes sense for so long.. and then you get a big heap of understanding all at once. It's intense;-)

4) Got my first letter today from a friend in Wisconsin... so yes, the address I gave you is correct:-)

5) Find myself in huge mood swings. Not in a bad way, just in a, "Okay I really don't want to speak spanish for at least five minutes" type of mood. Especially in school. Omg. Try sitting in the same class for 8 hours having everyone screaming while someone is trying to ask you something in your non-native language... yup. Definitely #1 challenge on the top of my list;-) but it is getting easier.

6) Haha... I thought you should know too that I had my first failure as an exchange student. I fell asleep for five minutes in my history class:-/ I was exhausted... haha but honestly, no one even noticed. ;-)

7) Last point before I say goodnight. I've now been here two weeks and it seems like I was just in the airport saying goodbye to my parents. It's crazy how fast this is going. But in this past week I have eaten... basically a blood bratwurst... yes it was really disgusting, but it tasted better than I thought. And by blood, I do mean blood. My taste buds are really going for a ride down here. But even the weird stuff isn't all that bad. I honestly haven't not liked anything.

Peru is slowly becoming a home to me.



Don't forget to rest this week. Take time to remember why it is you do what you do. It always helps to "regain consciousness." Love you all.

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