Sunday, August 14, 2011


Zeus. Our dog;-) had a competition today. It was completely full of rottweilers. Which is weird. I think this was another confirmation of me being here in Peru... See I was attacked by our rottweiler when I was little. Every since, I haven't liked rottweilers. Haven't tried to go near one. But, not only am I in a house with one... I was surrounded by tons today;-) And here's the crazy thing: there was a dalmatian there. Amongst all those rottweilers was one single dalmatian (my favorite type of dog).

It made me think a lot about being alone. Being alone in a country. Being alone in life. Being alone in faith. Not that a dog should teach me doctrine or anything, but I think God has many ways to teach people things.

Like today God taught me this through a dalmatian-it doesn't matter where you are, you might be the only one, no one may like you, you may feel that you are just wasting your time because you are a "dalmatian among rottweilers." But don't give up hope, because you never know who is watching you. You never know if someone from afar is looking up to you for strength. Even though you may not see it, you may never see the results of what you do, continue on your course.

Because today, a dalmatian ;-) gave me hope.

Haha okay so that might freak you out a bit that I'm talking about a dalmatian like a person... so here's some regular facts for you. :-)

1) Zeus took third in the competition:-) and didn't forget to pee on every tree and slobber on even person before we left;-)

2) I'm going to go try ceviche for the first time today!!! Wish me luck. :-)

3) Erika's parents made it here safely and she's doing better, but will be returning to the U.S. to continue the journey that God has called her to. :-)

4) Looked at annuals of QHS with some friends last night. They couldn't understand the whole jackrabbit mascot thing haha but loved everything about how our schools "have dress up day." They were a little freaked out seeing male teachers in cheerleading outfits;-)

5) I can understand pretty much all regular conversations now:-) it is really weird...

6) I promise the video is coming. :-) Soon;-)

7)Realized my voice is really high pitched when I speak spanish because I am constantly nervous, so I asked the other exchange students about it.... and they said their voice was doing the same thing!!!:-) haha interesting fact for you. :-)



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