Monday, August 8, 2011


Wow. School was SOOOOO much different that the united states. From the chaotic classrooms. To doing only somersaults the entire time in P.E. I loved everything... even the english class;-) Haha that was definitely an interesting one;-)

A couple notes I took during class.

1) My feet were freezing.

2) I understood a lot more than I thought I would. :-)

3) The white board was held up by pegs and would swing when the teacher pressed up against it:-)

4) The 1ST person I met happened to be from the United States!!! She just moved down here 2 years ago.

5) My 1st friend is John. He is really awesome, about 5' 1"... And very acrobatic. It is awesome when we walk down the hall because he is the shortest in the school and I am the tallest:-) haha

6) Right now were are learning Algebra and how many chromosomes are in the body;-) I love it:-)

7) The professors down here are soooooo awesome:-) They really get into class. Like Mrs. Murray X 1000. It is soo cool. It's like they care about every single student in the entire class individually. It is incredible.

Furthermore;-) I went and bought my first Nexto Cellphone today. It is basically a radio, but a telephone. You press a button to say something to the other person:-) It's really cool. And as a new piece of technology entered my life... another left. My little camera broke tonight:-( It was a sad day... I turned it on and it kinda sputtered like a little puppy and died.

We will see how school goes tomorrow... I'm super tired and am going to try to get out of english class. School starts at 7:30, and ends at 3:30. Oh, but I walked to school for the first time in my life today!!! It was exhilarating. :-) Anyways... See ya'll tomorrow.. I have a story to tell you. ;-)



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