Friday, August 26, 2011

mas. mas. mas.

And here's the famous India! India is from Australia!!!!;-) She is probably the most joy filled person I have ever met. India actually arrived for her exchange in January so she has already been here for 6 months! She didn't know a word of Spanish when she got here, but now, she understands everything... and speaks super fast. I mean literally not a word. India is probably the person who accepts me the most just the way I am. She is definitely the most non-judgmental person I have ever met. She definitely has the perfect Australians accent and sometimes says words in "Australian" that I think are Spanish. ;-)

Andrew. Andrew also skateboards... Andrew is from Illinois. He sings, plays guitar, and is super funny. He was also was the other person besides Honore to ride the plane down here with me. Andrew is definitely the one to pop the joke right when everyone needs it. He lives pretty far from me in Lima which sucks, but always invites everybody over all the time. Andrew had Spanish for 5 years as well. He is really really good at speaking and sometimes intimidates me with all he knows... but that's okay ;-)

Anyways, have a good night... Gonna watch a movie with some friends!;-)



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