Friday, August 26, 2011

WOW that was fast.

Let me just start off by saying... I HATE NEEDLES. ALWAYS HAVE. ALWAYS WILL. It is just a fact of life. So to my surprise when I showed up to the doctor, I had to have 7 shots... IN MY HEAD!!!!!


Anyways from the beginning. I got home from school today early and decided to go for my usual run. Told Henry (my dad here) goodbye and was on my way. In Lima there are tons of cars everywhere so it is very difficult to run very long without having to stop. So, I usually run in the median;-) Don't worry, it's meant for people.
But yah, so the median I chose happens to be a tunnel of trees... hence my "run in with a tree." I crossed the road and was looking for cars as I entered the median and all of a sudden... WHACK!
I thought, oh, I hit my head again. Trust me, this happens often. In Peru, things are much shorter because the people are shorter. The combis (buses) I have to crouch in (it's very difficult), the showerheads reach my chest, and the trees are low riders.
You know how the city cuts the trees branches to keep them looking nice and to avoid having them grow into the street and what not. Well, they cut the branches here to a certain height, and yeah, I'm above that height.
Seriously, I hit my head at least 3 times a day.
This time was different. After running a couple more blocks I noticed my shirt was soaked in blood on my left shoulder. I felt my head and yup... not really supposed to feel gushy-wetness when you touch your head. Anyways, I walked home trying to avoid anybody I could... I mean, it's a little embarrassing haha. But I couldn't really hide that my hands were soaked in blood from the millions of police officers that are out and about.
Nevertheless, I made it home and quickly tried to tell my mom (in Peru) what happened as she erupted in a bajillion questions. After 10 minutes of telling her I was fine and probably didn't need to go to the doctor... we left for the emergency room.

Upon arrival, I was literally swarmed by nurses... not sure if it is because I am a gringo or if they are really that fast. ;-) It was amazing. Then, 2 minutes later, a huge needle was being put into my head repeatedly as I lost all feeling. Yup, it was horrifying. I HATE NEEDLES.

They doctor had to give me stitches, but told me if it was and deeper, they would have had to do surgery. Wow was I glad my mom made me go to the hospital. It was crazy, I really didn't realize it was that bad.

So now, I can't do any sports for 1 week which is a bummer... considering I was going to represent my colegio in Basketball and Volleyball next week in the Olympics ;-) (between schools).

My head hurts real bad right now, but I am so excited. If anything, this made me love Peru more. I have no idea why God would have this happen... but it is another fear of mine that He carried me through. I mean i hate needles... and to have to have that many shots...WAS INCREDIBLE. I hated it, but at the same time, it was another barrier God is taking down in my life.

I'm so glad I am going through this experience. I'm so glad to know God does EVERYTHING for a reason. I'm so glad to know that I have a mom in the United States wishing she could be here for me right now. And I'm so glad I have a mom here in Peru that would stand and hold my arm, like my mom in the U.S., while doctors are sewing my head closed.

There are many incredible people in this world. And my two moms are just two of them;-)



I love how God shakes things up sometimes. Don't run from change, embrace it.


  1. Luke, Luke, Luke!! You made my stomach cringe reading your blog today. Take it easy buddy! Thanks for blogging, I love reading everyday on how your doing. I still miss you bunches but after reading your blogs everyday I can tell your having a time of your life. Love you lots!! Amie

  2. LUKE! Ha you are awesome! I laughed so hard when I read this. NOT TO BE RUDE, but I imagined you running into the tree... and I smiled SO BIG. The hospital part I didn't laigh at though. :) Glad you're ok! HAve an awesome day,