Saturday, August 27, 2011


My sister and I are having a competition to see who is more "tonto"... (stupid) haha

I have one point for running into a tree...

Vanessa has two. One for losing to me in ping pong. And another for trying to get credit on a store membership card at the wrong store. ;-)

Meet Addie. Addie is from the U.S. Addie knows more spanish than she thinks, but is definitely having to learn more than most of us down here, but she is doing excellent. Many times people give up and speak in English, but Addie works through the awkwardness so she can learn the language. Addie is incredibly nice and probably has never been angry in her entire life. ;-)

And here's Mackenzie! Or Kenz... Or Kenzi. She definitely has the blondest hair of anyone I have ever seen. It is incredible... I mean it's normal for Peruvians to never have seen hair like hers, but even I haven't seen hair like hers and I'm from America ;-) Anyways, Mackenzie is awesome. She is from Michigan I believe;-) She plays soccer and is currently training down here with a personal trainer. She got really sick a couple weeks ago which sucked but now she is better. She didn't know hardly any spanish coming down here, but now she can understand tons. It is cool to watch her grow. She gets really excited when she can understand something. ;-)

That's about it for today. Other than my head feeling like there is a knife in it, I'm doing good. I'm taking pills that help a lot... I have no idea what they are, but they help;-) Tomorrow I get to skype for my first time with my family! I can't wait. I am actually nervous to speak that much english. I can't wait to see their faces though. I'm sure they are going to laugh when they see how much my face has changed lol Let's just say I'm doing that 20 exchange student weight gain thing justice. ;-) I won't tell you quite yet how much more I weigh, but lets just say I can't stop eating fresh bread. ;-)

3 more hours and my first month is up;-0 Wow.



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