Monday, August 22, 2011

lovin new....

meet my exchange crew... (2 per day)

This is Aurelie (Lily)! Lily is one of my many best friends down here. She goes to my same colegio but is in a different class. Lily is from Belgium. She loves (not a strong enough word) she longs for her daily portion of Blackouts (basically a peruvian version of oreas... but better). She can speak 5 languages (which makes me incredibly jealous. She speaks english incredibly. She is 18 years old and likes volleyball. And grandma... don't worry, she has a boyfriend. ;-)
Nevertheless, Lily is very caring and wants to help everybody. She live a couple blocks from me and is right there beside me when I don't understand what the director of the school is yelling at me;-)

Meet Julie. Julie is extremely quiet, but nonetheless awesome. She likes to read and loves the phantom of the opera (I know this because she basically jumped out of her seat when I started singing parts of it at dinner;-) Julie knows a lot of Spanish but won't tell you that. She got one of the highest marks on our spanish exam. She is very sweet. She definitely has self control when it comes to eating. ;-) I know this because I am always asking her for her extra food. ;-) What can I say... the food in Peru is AMAZING!!!;-)

Well, that all for now folks;-)

Let me know if you have questions.



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