Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I think my hands are going to fall off...

Word of the Day: Basta (Stop!)

Let's just say becoming a gymnast is a lot harder than it looks. haha I'm so excited because my pole vault couch here happens to be #2 in the world for Master's (old people) division. He is like 65 and still jumping 13-14 feet. (I don't really know exactly because he told me in meters;-) But it's amazing all the new workouts he knows. ;-) you can do a lot in a professional gymnastics arena;-) But anyways, my hands are FRIED. Literally, I think I can pull the loose skin off in sheets... like a really bad sunburn! But I love it, cause I'm getting in shape really fast;-)

Anyways, to continue with my crew...

Meet Honore... Honore is another one of my best friends down here. Honore had 5 years of Spanish before coming down here so she is doing just fine with the language. Honore happens to be the first person I met on my way down here. We met in the airport in Texas and immediately exchanged pins. Honore is definitely the one I turn to when I'm freaking out a little;-) And get this... SHE SAILS! Like she is from Rhode Island and one of the sports in her school in Sailing! It's incredible... but she doesn't think it's all that special. ;-) Honore is amazing. She loves sushi and is super athletic. Like I feel like I should be watching her in the olympics. She also almost beat one of the guys in an arm-wrestling competition. But I won't say who... (andrew) ;-)

Here's Elan! Elan is 15 YEARS OLD! And get this... he was 14 when he came, he already had his birthday;-) Elan is a mad skateboarder. His hair is obviously redder than anything any peruvian has ever seen. Elan wants to be a chef. He is very logical and thinks about everything from many different angles. He's kinda the chill kid of the group. He is always off on his own doing something crazy or whatnot. He definitely does not act like a 15 year old.

And now it's time to go to bed... I found out that if I get more sleep, I understand more when I wake up;-) what a concept!



Oh but P.S. I'm starting PAINTING CLASSES on Saturday. I don't know how it happened or why, but here I am... about to become an artist. I'm so excited. Alright, hasta manana! ;-)

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