Sunday, August 21, 2011

That was me falling off the face of the earth...

Incredible. That is all I have to say.

I just went to the coolest place I have ever been... This weekend all the exchange students took a trip to this amazing resort right on the beach. Since it is winter, the resort was basically deserted which means... We could do whatever we wanted! haha or not. ;-)

But anyways, it was 50 minutes outside of Lima with a view like nothing I have ever seen. I had the opportunity to sit and watch the biggest waves I've ever seen smashing into the shore. It was awesome.

We spent a lot of time talking as exchange students and going over rules. Haha. But we also got to have some fun. We had 2 outdoor movies which started at 12 o'clock! We had a showcase of talents in which I sang two songs! ;-) It was cool. I tried my first lasagna down here and lets just say, mom's is still the best... by a long shot;-)

It is so weird. I just got home from our trip, and coming home to this house, felt exactly like going home to my real one. It was a great feeling. I just know that I have a family that loves me down here in Peru now... and it is so amazing.

This weekend God taught me something very important...

Don't judge your growth based on others. See, there is a girl from Switzerland here who knows five languages. She didn't know a word of Spanish when she arrived, and I know there is no way your going to believe this, but now... she is the best Spanish speaker. Her fluency in other languages made it extremely easy for her to pick this up. I'm serious. We had a fluency test and she got the best score... a 19 (A). I received an 18 1/2. It was insane. I mean there are kids here who have studied Spanish for 5 YEARS!!!!

But in all that, I learned that looking at other's progress hinders mine. I was so distracted by her progress all weekend that I kept forgetting to thank God for the progress I was making. I mean, it might not have been heaps and bounds, but He was still allowing me to make progress.

Don't let your mind get distracted. Be constant in prayer... God will take you there in time.



yup. that's me planking in a public seating area in the middle of town;-)

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