Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dia de Santa Rosa.

Forgot to tell you that today is a holiday in Peru. Which means... NOOOOOO COLEGIO!!!;-)

In peru nuns are chosen from birth... and they live in the same house their entire lives. NEVER LEAVING. Actually, I'm sure things have changed since the 16th century ;-) but I forgot to ask my host dad about that. haha

Anyways, the nun was in there her entire life. When she died at a young age... Many miracles where proclaimed in her name. She is classified as 1 of two saints of Peru. It was very interesting to hear about...

Today my host mom had her 30 year class reunion. She left about 10 this morning and just returned. She said that over 70 people returned for the reunion... Which is HUGE!

Tonight I went to Miraflores to this really awesome Mall. We went to a giant arcade next to five more giant arcades, ate chocolate, ate PIZZA HUT!, (WAY DIFFERENT, BUT GOOD), sat and looked at the ocean for 30 minutes, went to a park and sang and danced in the middle of a huge crowd (yup definitely a first for me;-), and then went to see Planet of the Apes (Really good). Don't worry, I got most of that in my next video... except the movie. :-/

Today all that was in my head, was life. I broke down some huge boundaries today, and in return think I made some friends for life. (Claudia, Portillo, J-Lo ;-), and Sayu). I sang in a park. I danced in front of people. (Stop laughing Jazmine). I kissed a tree with my friends just for a memory. And for the billionth time in a row... Peru stole away my heart.

It made me think a lot about my relationship with God. How afraid are you to open up. How afraid am I to open up. With people watching. Having so little experience. Could we ever? Would we dare.

Well today, I found out that I would dare. I'm daring to open my heart. I'm going to dare to be honest with myself. I'm going to dare to respond. Dare to live. Dare to follow where God leads.

Every day that passes in Peru, I see how much shorter life really is.

"Break the chains that are holding you in the dungeon."



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