Thursday, July 7, 2011

some time to think. (SEATAC)

Went to bed at 2:30 last night. Got up this morning at 4 to leave for Wisconsin. Strangely enough our connecting flight is in Seattle so for the moment I am back in Washington. This is definitely the most tired I have ever been. :-0

Haha, like for the Runway showcase yesterday, everyone was so exhausted that the makeup people spent like 75% of the time just fixing up the bags under our eyes haha. It was fun. The theme of the walk was Cowboys and Indian. (And thankfully, I was able to opt out of wearing the cowboys wonderful clothing... or lack thereof- a loincloth;-)

Callbacks were yesterday as well. I honestly didn't know what to think. I had no idea if I would get a lot, or if I would get none. I ended up getting 17 callback which was really exciting. Over half of them were for modeling, which was really strange:-/ lol It will be very interesting to see what God does.

It is so weird though, I guess I will need to pray about it some more and seek out if my heart is right in this... but I feel like for the time being, the Lord is saying that this modeling thing is okay. I mean, the doors are swinging open. Not only that, but so many opportunities have shown up to spread the light of Christ to these people.

It was crazy. Before going on the runway, many of the models were actually taking shots of Tequila... and other sorts of things I know nothing about. They didn't understand why I wouldn't want any (beyond the fact that I was underage). But it was so strange to some of them why I would say that. And I think God has had purpose through it all.

I met some great friends as well through all this. For instance, I met the most conservative family I have ever met from Texas. The dad wouldn't let his kids even wear flip-flops till they were out of high school. Now that may seem like that is completely ridiculous, and I think it is too haha but the fact is, there is hope in this industry. There are people to be reached, minds to be changed.

And right now all I can think of is... Someone has to. If not me, then who. The only question is, do I need to be in this to reach these same people. Thankfully, I will have a year to pray about this (Peru) in which I can clearly discern what God is trying to tell me.

In the meantime, let's work together in praying about the specific areas God has chosen us to minister. What passions has he given you that no one else has. Because like I said... if not you, then who?



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  1. clark Grigg (your brotherJuly 8, 2011 at 3:53 AM

    hey bro i m so happy to hear that and ya thank the lord you will have a year to figure out what god had for you but a the same time don't always look to the future but take time to just me in the season that you are in now bro and that is what im finding out the hard way since i used to always try to find the next step when i was still in the session that god had for me so please learn from my mistake. Just keep me posted on how it all goes for you my brother and im excited to see what else god does in you and what else he has you share about