Saturday, July 9, 2011


Trying out the new blogging/text message from my phone...we will see how this goes;-)

Holly and I sing our first real show together today. We start in 2 hours:-0 I'm really nervous and a little scared I'll mess it all up, but I know God created this moment for a specific purpose and I need to be confident in that.

We sing a worship set today. You would think that if I can walk down a runway in front of a thousand people that I could do this, but it is so much different. So much more personal. I just pray that God show me, and you, the one person today in our lives that we woke up this morning to affect. Maybe it's more than one. But despite my fear, I am going to reach out to someone today, in hopes that God will touch their hearts and they will see love in a new way.

P.S. I'm so excited to meet with Bob Lenz and his family today:-)

Lord, thy will not my will.



:) have a nice day!

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