Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the low down.

okay, so here's the gist of it all...

1) I leave in 9 days (July 28th, 8:00am, SeaTac Airport;-)

2) My going away party is at my house on July 24th starting at 4:00.

3) I am completely and ridiculously excited for this trip.

4) My flight time is 10 hours, not including a two hour stop in Houston. And I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

5) I will get to PerĂº, and leave for a camping trip immediately on the 29th. :-)

So, that's it.

Now for more about what was happening last week... Unfortunately I will never be able to tell you all about it (most likely). But basically, at the end of the week I was contacted by Wilhemina and Ford modeling agencies. Unknown to me, they happen to be the two largest modeling companies in the entire world. :-O yah, it was a shocker.

You know it's weird, the thing I didn't care about the most is the thing I had the most success in. :-/

So where do we go from here?... Well obviously God has called me to Peru, and I couldn't be more excited to go. The only question is, has God called me to this modeling/acting career?

I'm definitely spending a lot of time in prayer about it... I mean, in the words of my acting company's president "this is like you not wanting to go to college, yet harvard and stanford are beating down your door."

I guess, if anything, I would ask for prayer for discernment. Is this a distraction... or an opportunity? For now I have deemed it a distraction and it will be postponed for a year. Despite the incredible wealth that would come with saying no to PerĂº and moving to L.A., God has given me peace in the place I am in right now.

I would rather be holding the hand of Christ during these next few steps in my life, than holding the hand of wealth. Peru is more than just an exchange for me... it is an opportunity to change the essence of who I am. The opportunity to attain a poor man's mindset. The chance to spend a year finding the heart of God, personally. A year to take a breath and see what in my life needs to go, and what can stay.

I think we all need to take time in our day to prioritize things. Whether it be for the next fifteen minutes, or fifteen years... if we don't realize and hold on to what really matters, we will find ourselves forgetting what it was that ever mattered in the first place. And that is where we end up confused.

9 days. 9 days. :-)



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