Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And I'm definitely no Psychic, but...

I thought it would be fun to guess a few things before I went to Peru to see how close I was... So here goes-

1) How hot it will be on my first day there: 70 Degrees.

2) What my first meal will be: Hmmm. Bread, Potatoes, Rice, and Fish.

3) How long my flight will be, including waiting time: 11 1/2 hours.

4) How many days I will be there: 332 Days

5) What time I will normally be getting up: 6:30

6) Bed: 11:30

7) How many day it will take to adjust to the time: 4 days

8) How long until I can understand pretty much everything said to me: November 29

9) How long till I can feel comfortable talking in a conversation: September

10) My favorite food: Choclo

11) How long till I can talk to my sister camille on skype and trick her into thinking I am fluent: 1 month ;-)

12) How long till I can talk to my sister Holly on skype and trick her into thinking I am fluent: 2 hours. ;-)

13) How many songs I will write in Peru: 8

14) How many blog posts I will make in Peru: 58.

15) How many times I will leave the country while in Peru: 7.

16) How many times I will go to Machu Pichu: 3.

17) How long till someone visits: February.

18) Average height of my classmates: 5'4"

19) Number of emails between my parents and me during my year: 23.

20) Number of packages I receive: 3 1/2? ;-)

That should be good for now... if you have anything you think I should guess that would be interesting, comment on this post and let me know. I think this will end up being really fun to look back on.



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