Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"mom... I want to come home"

So... the dreaded call home by an exchange student saying that they are... HOMESICK.

"Aren't you gonna get homesick?"

hmm. a lot of people have been asking me this question so I thought I might elaborate on it a bit.

Welp. In case you don't know, to state the obvious, I have a sister who is continually flying back and forth between the Rocky's and the Appalachians, the Grand Canyon to, well, Montana? And you know, she isn't alone. This music ministry God has thrust our family into is exactly that, a family ministry, which means we all have to sacrifice at one point or another. But, it is absolutely beautiful. If you know anything about my family, you would know that we love to do projects. Mom and Holly are continually gone. Dad is the anchor of our family and holds down the fort with onions in one hand and the dog in the other. Clark is, well, Clark. He is indescribable. He can be working on a photo shoot in Oregon one moment and be backstage at a concert we didn't even know about in Spokane the next. Camille is of course married (and probably has the best grasp on this whole thing we call life). When Holly, mom, and I are busy screaming about Holly being invited to play somewhere, she would be the one to go pick up the phone, apologize for the noise, and thank Creationfest for calling. She also is a SPECTACULAR cook, and is helping me in my jouney to become fluent in Spanish. (She majored in it:-)

All this to say, the past few years have been at the least... busy. I've spent my summers on the road, my school days mostly being a bachelor with dad, sometimes without. Which has caused me to slowly become more and more independent. Not in a sad sense, but in a sense of excitement. God has been preparing me for what He had planned. It's rather exciting.

But, the most exciting part?... This whole experience this past year has helped me to recognize my family and connect with them on a much deeper level, even if that connection is from a telephone. It has taught me to learn to let go, but also to cherish the time we have. It has taught me to not hold grudges but to ask forgiveness and pursue joy in the time we have. When you don't see people for months at a time, you don't realize how much they will have changed by the time they get back. This would be the case for Holly and I. It's sounds cheesy, but my sister is my very best friend. Actually both my sisters, but in different ways. Camille understands me exactly as I am. She is my outlet when I need to just talk, and she listens. Holly on the other hand, doesn't have quite as much time to listen, but she understands exactly every thought I have. It's like we were twins, yet not. :-) I guess you would just have to be us to understand what I mean. And I don't mean to bash Clark, but he is just his own person. Never holds grudges, doesn't get it when people do. He is just simple and words never even need to be said with him. He just knows and protects. If you ever want someone to just genuinely protect and care for you, it would be him.

These connections I have with my family have all been formed despite our being separated. Which is why I know I will be perfectly fine in PerĂº. Camille will inevitably visit. Holly and I will continue to do what we've done for the last few years, call each other as much as possible without being annoying;-) And Clark will probably skype me a bunch and wonder where I've been for the last couple months.

So, of course I will miss them. But truly, God has already prepared my family for this. He has already prepared me for this. Now I just need to get on the plane.... ;-)



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