Monday, March 28, 2011

I must be fluent now!?

Hmmm. So I'm very confused. If you haven't heard before, supposedly you know you are fluent when you begin to dream in your "non-native" tongue. Well, that's happened twice now to me so... should I celebrate?...
Maybe it's all a myth.
Well actually, it wasn't completely in Spanish, it was more 70/40. Here's how it went. 

...Last night, I found myself on an airplane, not sure what kind, not even sure of the destination (preferably PerĂº), with all of my exchange student friends. It hadn't occurred to me that my dream was all in Spanish until the flight attendant came over the intercom and announced, "Hola y bienvenidos a (I don't remember what she said)." Upon completion of her entire, "to fasten the seat belt, pull on the strap...blah blah blah (in Spanish)" she came over to me and began to speak in Spanglish about my trip to PerĂº and for some reason wanted to help me relearn my numbers. Uno. Dos. Tres....Cincuenta y seis.... all the way to 100. Once we got to 100 the plane had landed and everyone started to tell me that my host family was outside the window (on the runway;-) I anxiously went over to look, and....

Yah that's how the dream ended. Just stopped right there. :-( Yup. Still not thinkin I'm fluent quite yet.



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