Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day


I tell you that I love you every single day. And although this may be another day to recognize your exceptionalism in everything that you do, I want you to know that for me it is just one extra opportunity to tell you...

You are the smartest woman I know.
You are equally the most hilarious person I will ever meet. 
You are the only person I talk to every single day.
You are the most selfless person there ever will be, besides Jesus. 
I have to make myself remember at times the things you enjoy doing because,
You tell me that almost all of those things include just being with our family. 

I have learned more from you than any other person on this planet. 
How to love.
How to laugh.
How to cry.
How to smile. 
How to believe.
How to listen.
How to speak.
How to pray.
How to understand.
How to forgive.
How to forget. 
How to give.
How to have faith.
How to be thankful.
How to be selfless.
How to be humble.

So many things, all which you have taught me. I remember so many nights, so many late late nights. I would come home, call home, Skype home, be at home... and you, you would have time for me. In the tears, and in the excitement. When I was lonely and when I had a backyard full of friends. In my confusion and in my rejoicing. In my moments of immaturity, but most importantly, in my moments of becoming a man. 

You have stood by my side. From an inch, a foot, a mile, a state, and a country away. You are so many things to me mom, and so many words that I just don't know how to say. 

Unfortunately, this is going on three years that I haven't been able to be there by your side, to hug you, to laugh with you, to cry with you... but meanwhile, in being unable to do those things, I want you to understand...

That I love you.
I understand. 
I will be here for you until the end of time.
I will stand by you no matter the distance. 
I will cherish you for all of eternity. 

In the end I just feel selfish, only wishing that the rest of the world could share in the same joy I have from knowing you. 

I love you, mom. 

Happy Mother's Day. 



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