Thursday, March 14, 2013

The plague is back?!?

So have you hear? Egypt being attacked by a plague of locusts?!? Just like in the old times. Wow. And you want to know something even crazier... Passover is literally happening a week and a half from now. :-0 such a creepy feeling. Thousands of years ago the same thing was happening along with so much more, delivering the Jewish people from Egypt. God is just too intimate.

If you don't know what Pesach (Passover) is, then this will be your next lesson in Judaism. Passover comes from Exodus when the Spirit of The Lord passed over the homes of the Jewish people as the final plague was completed... Taking of the firstborn. From then on God has called the Jewish people to celebrate this important holiday. It will be one week long. And the biggest deal of all... We can eat anything made with yeast.

Starting last week my aunt, along with all of Jerusalem started inspecting every corner of their house frantically tried to rid it of even the smallest speck of flour, bread, and things as such. I feel like all I eat is carbs now. I wake up, "Luke! Eat these crackers. Luke eat this Hala (Jewish Shabbat bread loaf) with Hummus... Eat the croissants, cereal, burekas... Ect. Uff, and the eating has only just begun. I will be going with my entire family to the Dead Sea next week, considering we have a 2 week vacation from school. What an exciting deal. I'm in Israel over one of the biggest holidays, living with my Israeli family in the middle of the desert. If life gets any more interesting than this, I think I might need someone to seriously wake me up from the dream.

Life is hard here... But life is soo good.



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