Sunday, March 10, 2013


There are some things that will never change... How much I love my family. How much I love peru. How deeply passionate I am for knowledge about, well, anything. How dry Israel is. How I never can seem to get up when I plan to. But there are some things that do change... And one in specific would be... BUS ROUTES!

I take bus number 174 or 176 on an hour ride from Jerusalem to ma'ale adumim (M.A.) every day. If you don't know anything about M.A. lets just say its that piece of ground that the Jews continue to build on, even though they aren't supposed to because it technically belongs to the Arabs and many countries (including the US) are contra-construction there. Yes, I live there. Nevertheless, upon taking my bus today, the one I take everyday, I set myself on reading a very appropriate book for here in Israel... The Bible. It wasn't until about 30 minutes in that I looked up are realized that something might be wrong. Wrong turned to really wrong. Really wrong turned into a street on the side of a cliff in the middle of know where, and all that ended up turning in to me on the side of the road that was only one way.... Hmmm definitely not a good place to be in. Not to mention it was freezing. Another great thing about living in a desert. Nothing keeps the nights warm.

Anyways, upon stumbling along trying to use my iPhone to determine where I was and where to catch I other bus, I saw a random old woman walking down the same street... So, I followed her. Thank God somehow this woman was 1)in the middle of nowhere and 2) going to a bus stop. I stalked behind her for about 30 minutes until we made it to the golden bus stop!

All this to say, bus schedules changed today and it threw me for a big loop. Haha I guess God is still teaching me to be flexible and to trust in Him. As long as I'm going down the path, seeking the destination, God will guide me there even if I get on the wrong but, even if He has to use a little old woman to show me the way.

Thoughts to ponder. Don't stress on finding the answer. Just make sure you are asking the questions;-)



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