Sunday, February 17, 2013


The weather here is really starting to annoy me. Yesterday it was so cold i literally was freezing outside with a heavy coat on. Today, I'm feeling stupid that I'm not wearing shorts. What a complex.

On the other hand, my quarter gets over on Thursday. Ill be moving to one of my aunts' houses. Crazy. Anyways, life is good otherwise. God has really been stretching me lately.

Living in such a religiously diverse area, there is no option but to question, wonder, study, and find why it is you believe why you believe. I'm on a very crazy path right now but I know God is just still molding me. I trust Him. I just wish everyone in Israel did as well.

Hmm. Thoughts to ponder on...



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  1. Luke Grigg! How are you? I was just reading some of your blog (obviously), it's incredible the things you are getting to do and the things God is showing you! I was intrigued to read the parts about colleges you want to go to. Stanford, that's crazy awesome! (Man, I totally feel like a stalker right now, anyway...) Remember how I said I wanted to know how you're able to do all of these incredible things? And you said to ask whenever? Well I'm asking! I feel like I have lots of questions, but i guess the best one to start with would just be how did you know/decide what you were going to do when you graduated high school? Hope you're doing well! God bless!
    - Halie Sisco