Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Pope resigned... And so do i!

So, as interesting as the past few days have been, I have had a horrible time of posting about any of it. Now as you were expecting a video, I will still be putting one up. The sad news is it might be a couple days. My computer program is being utterly childish and gets bored with itself right before it finishes uploading the video... and shuts down:-(

But nevertheless, the trip to Petra was "inolvidable" (unforgettable) as we say in Spanish. The ruins were so much more than anyone makes them out to be. I feel like a horrible person for not knowing more about it before I left. But it is definitely a must see before you die. Entire buildings carved into the sides of sandstone cliffs. If that's not breathtaking I don't know what is. Well maybe I do. Could it be the fact that its in the middle of a desert? Either way, it's spectacular and one of the most intriguing places that I have ever been.

The week has been full of exams and tests. There was a small city-wide alert the other day. (My first one) apparently there was a bomb threat in the center of town and no one was allowed to leave the university. Creepy. In the end it turned out to be nothing more than a good reason to stay home for the evening.

Anyways, my brain is fried. I'm going to bed.



I made chicken parmigiana from scratch today! Sooooo good!

The world most delicious chicken parmigiana. :-)

My class as I wait for the students to arrive.

Receiving a bad of chifles (banana chips) from Peru!!!!:-) so great!

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