Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Becoming Kosher

Soo there is this thing in the Jewish culture. It's called being Kosher. Besides the regular kosher specifications like not eating ham, not having milk products and meat products prepared in the same room, not walking more than a mile on the sabbath (the Jewish day of rest, Friday night to Saturday night), I have learned the true meaning of kosher.

Kosher is being in shape... Balanced.

I'm not talking about a physical property here or anything, although I have yet to see a fat Jewish person, but I am talking about having a balance in the things you do. Prioritizing your life and letting those priorities be exactly what they are... Priorities. Learning that God is the Giver of life.

The Jewish wake up every morning thanking God before leaving their bed for "restoring their soul." They continue with 3 prayers of ten minutes each throughout the day, preferably with more than 9 people.

This 6 months isn't going to be about learning a language. Although hopefully that will be a part of it. This journey is about learning a lifestyle. Discovering family. But most importantly, living in the land where Jesus walked.


לוק (Luke)

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  1. Luke, Take it in.. But guard your "precious roots" Love well. Mom