Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We're leaving on a trip today. I'm actually 3 hours ahead of time writing a blog here in starbucks with my friends (Nina, Carter, and Rachel). This will be our first trip to the JUNGLE of peru and I'm sooo excited. We will be greeted by heat, rain, and HUGE bugs.

I got about 5 hours of sleep last night which is pretty good. Mainly because I was so FREAKED OUT after going to a terror movie with nina and my friends from the track. It was called Grave Encounters. I honestly would never have chosen that movie considering it is very dark and scary haha but there were no tickets left for the others and we had already driven to the theatre.

I literally had a panic attack after watching it. I'm not really sure what happened. I think I almost fainted. I'm just soooo against all of that demonic stuff and possession and even thinking/toying around with those ideas. Because to me they are very real. It is an expression of what would happen to us without the presence or help of God in our lives.

Anyways, it was traumatic but we also were able to go to an arcade and pass some time together. Here's some pics of me trying to hold on to an electric shocking machine for as long as I could (lets say when I wanted to let go, my friend Luis wouldn't let me. haha)

This is our group...;-) just upside down ;-)

Love you guys, on the 5th I will have exactly two months left here. Every day gets harder. Harder to start saying goodbye to the things I have grown so attached to. Things that seemed so weird in the beginning are now part of my everyday life. 

See you guys soon, but from the Jungle.



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