Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy months?!?!?

(A typical song in the clubs)

Last night was soooooooo much fun. It was the 9 month mark for all of the exchange student. Crazy no?! It's very difficult now being here, knowing that we only have such little time left (for some less than a month, others like me, a little over two). We're trying to take advantage of every single day. But many times you will catch someone mindlessly looking through a window or scratching the table with their fingernail and you know that there is only one thing they are thinking... their return date.

Don't get me wrong, going home will be one of the most exciting days of the exchange. But at the same time the worst. We all came to realize that we will be going back to lives where NO ONE understands us. No one will know the changes we have been through, or who we even are anymore. Really, going back home will almost be like another exchange. For me I realize it won't be as difficult considering you all have been with me every step of the way... watching my blog, writing me letters, hearing from my parents/siblings. But in the end it will still be very hard.

Last night some of the exchange students and I spent some time at Nina's house. We talked for hours, and then ordered a PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA! It was the closest thing I've had to real pizza since I've been here and definitely made me miss ZACK'S PIZZA in quincy;-) Afterwards we all went to a discoteca (club) to dance and just hang out with our group. We were going to be at the club at 1030 but didn't end up getting there till around 12. ;-) haha Peru. It was very fun. One guy, Mario, was there. He's a friend of my that I haven't seen since my 1st month here in Peru. Very strange to see 1) how much my spanish had improved (considering I couldn't hardly talk to him the last time I saw him and 2) how much better I had gotten at dancing haha. It was a pretty cool night. Then we went back to Aurelie's (big mama's) house around 3 in the morning with her family and talked till about 430. Woke up at 9 to go to a Catholic mass with my family, but didn't end up going because I didn't get home in time;-(

And now I'm here.... feeling so blessed by all of you guys.



Before heading out last night;-)

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