Friday, April 6, 2012

Surviving a national disaster....;-0

Well I'm back. Turns out that trip to the the forest was a lot shorter than it was planned to be. But lets just say God never ceases to show me how much he really is under control.

So what happened...

Upon arriving to the campground and our cabins, it started raining. Drip. Drip. and so on. But as the time passed, drip became splash, splash became my cabin full of water, full of water became mild pandemonium (haha) and soon after came the warning. Because of the heavy amount of rain, entire sections of the hills were breaking loose in huge landslide in between where we were, and LIMA. Enough so that the second bus never even made it to camp.

Stuck in our little valley, thankfully the campground are huge. We were able to quickly gather all of our things and head for high ground... or the gymnasium on the campgrounds. They told us that the danger wasn't only coming from the surrounding hills, but from the rapidly rising river. I think it was so surreal it didn't really hit anyone until the morning (that would be this morning).

In the end, there were over 12 landslide, and from the effects of those twelve more than 10 people lost their lives. We never really got the exact number. It still is very weird to think. God is such a protector. Literally half a mile down the road there had been a landslide that covered the entire road and surroundings.

In reality, the part where we were at was very deceiving. Besides the very unusual rain and roaring of the river. Nothing seemed too different. But, on our way home today, we noticed the effects that we had doubted. Houses caved in, people shoveling what seemed to be endless wheelbarrows of mud, sand bags scrunched against the tin house doors, and entire mountainside reformed throughout the course of one night.

I am now back home, completely safe and in my bed. Yet I still continue to be amazed at what happened. I can't understand why God is giving me soo many incredible opportunities to see life from a different perspective. I guess I was just saying in Facebook how I wanted to APPRECIATE these last 12 weeks I have here. I just never thought that a national disaster would be something that would get me to do it.

Love you all. Thanks for your prayers.



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  1. Scary!!! Glad God protected you all!! Happy Easter Luke!!!