Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Pascua Everyone!


So we've made it to easter. Super weird feeling for me. The months of January, February, and March kinda just slipped right by me. I'm still wondering if they really even happened.

If I didn't already tell you, the university is now in full swing. I've  managed to get myself into some pretty sick classes. Everything from Cake Baking, to VIOLIN, to the History of Peru. My day is pretty full, but entirely filled with interesting things. So weird, to think 7 months ago I was like a little baby who couldn't even talk to a person (slowly) one on one in this language, and now I am going to colleges taking classes alongside the natives themselves. Soooooooo weird. Like Honore says, this is definitely a whole life in one year. From basically the crib through college ;-)

Super interesting fact... I went to church on Sunday and afterwards decided to go meet some friends at this mall strip we call "polo." We got there and decided to go for ice cream (my first one after the fast.) Anyways, while there a guy from my church came running up to me saying, "Lucas, Lucas... there is this guy here from the U.S. that you have to meet. I got to admit, I was pretty held back at first considering when you're from another country, EVERYONE thinks that you know EVERYONE from that country. And above that as an exchange student you just get a little tired of meeting new people. But anyways, in the end I went to go meet the fellow.

Upon greeting him and answering the normal round of questions. He told me he goes to washington... in fact, he goes every single year. "Yah, I go up to this huge festival up there called Creation Festival." I stopped in my tracks. "In reality, I travel around to a bunch of festivals. I'm a vendor of Christian soccer jerseys. Have you ever been to Creation?"

Well you can only imagine what happened next. From holly to QUINCY (WHERE HE HAS STAYED)  to talking about Lifest in Wisconsin, to being amazed that I've been in the same spot as him for the last who knows how many years of my life. It was incredible. The first person I've met whose even been to washington and he's been to my little tiny town of Quincy. Super incredible. I'll be seeing him in Wisconsin like the week I get back from Peru.

Anyways, just a cool story. I'm going to the "forest" for Easter. I hope you all have a great easter and remember to appreciate the time you have with your family. ;-) It passes fast.




  1. Thanks for sharing luke! been really diggin' your blog lately. we like, HAVE to meet up when we both get back and share stories!!