Wednesday, March 14, 2012

what a week.

so yes, school started. The result of that is I haven't attended the entire first week;-0.

My family here has definitely had a rough couple last days to say the least. If you didn't already read it, my host grandma died. It has been a very difficult thing to watch my family go through. All I can do is try to be there as a shoulder to cry on, and not get in too many peoples way... hopefully.

I found out the grandma died while I was at "Friendship Park" with Nina...

The park involves everything from fresh cotton candy, to peddle boating around a pond about the size of half a basketball court;-) This arch is the main activity. It was build in 2001 by the Spaniards as a gift to Peru. It is meant to reflect another arch built (awkwardly enough) in France. ;-) We were able to take a tour to the top for 1 sol... about 27 cents!

Anyways... so I got home to a very quiet house. Actually, nobody was even there. I soon received a very distraught call from my host mom that the grandma had passed away.

So, the last few days have been busy helping out with the preparations and visits. In Peru, it is required to bury the body within three days. Literally, they take the body out of where it passed away, prepare it for the viewing, and the viewing literally happens about 2 hours afterwards... THE SAME DAY! The viewing with visits lasts the duration of about the entire 3 day span and ends with a regular funeral burial. Very quick.

One crazy thing that did happen was that while I was home alone that day I went to buy some flowers for the family. When I showed up to the "showing" that night, there wasn't a single flower in the room. As I walked in, my host father started tearing up seeing that even though I wasn't really part of his family, I was able to care enough for it as if it were my own. It's funny how God does that. I was praying ALL day that He would show me how to handle the situation, to show my family that I wanted to help and that I cared. Well, I think He definitely got the message through. ;-)

The flowers I got for the family.

"Your love in us and our love for you will last forever."

It's been a sad couple days, and tomorrow will probably be the hardest. Pray for my family if you have the chance. I appreciate all the support from everyone already. 



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