Sunday, March 11, 2012

hello world.

Picture Blog for today;-) This is what I've been up too. ;-) 

Fun little "house" we came across in the park.

Going to a museum, not having enough time or money to get in. Playing on the teacup chairs in their little kid library;-)

I thought this was just beautiful.

A little Peruvian gold statue at the Museum of Anthropology.

Try to not look bored when you are on a tour...

or tired...

Going to the Museum of Anthropology with some exchange students.;-)

Fireworks while camping;-)

again, fireworks.

Carolina and I finally getting the picture we wanted from New Years. 

Thought this was kinda neat;-)

Mom (EEUU) bought me cotton candy when they were here so I thought I'd bye it again in remembrance of them;-)

So, to wrap it up. Time is FLYING by. (obviously you can tell by my continued slowing down of writing posts. School starts up this week, which should make things even slower. I officially start my French classes on Tuesday!;-) We leave for our week long trip up to Ecuador on Thursday. 

It's very weird to me that you guys have now switched back to daylight savings time. Now you are only 2 hours behind me;-) 

My church is starting the Daniel fast. And carolina and I are going to do it as well. I have some big and hard decisions about my life coming up, and Carolina wants to do it because of things that are going on in her life right now. Learning how to better relationships, and DO HARD THINGS. We start tomorrow which means tonight we PIGGED OUT! We ate enchiladas, chocolate eggs, made carmelitas, and ate chifles (chips made out of bananas). Basically a David fast consists of only eating frutes, vegetables, beans, and liquids for 22 days;-) I'm super excited. 

If anyone would like to join they are welcome to. Fasting isn't just a thing you do and get it over with. It is a time for God to let your body remind you of the type of hunger you should have for him. And as well it calms you down to be able to LISTEN to what He is trying to tell you. 

If you've never gone on a fast and would like to know more write me and I would be happy to help you. ;-)



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