Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sorry I haven't written. But you will understand. I got a little sick. Had a fever and wasn't able to sleep until like 6:30 each morning. Still not sure what it was. Maybe a blessing from God to be able to feel cold in the middle of all this heat;-)

I kept praying to God throughout it about why He allowed for me to get so sick. (literally one day entirely in my bed asleep.) A couple things came to mind.

1) This is no joke and Nina can attest to it;-) My fever came in the middle of watching the movie "The Help." Okay so I don't know really what to say, but I just started shaking in the middle of that movie, and Nina saw it too. There we some parts that shook me, emotionally i mean, that I think it might have actually weakened my immune system. Just seeing a glimpse (not even the worst) of how slaves were treated back then, there is nothing that affects me more than injustice (and you would know that if you saw my Holocaust project in 8th grade).

2) The other thing that God showed me is my time for prayer. In general, normal, but I'm talking about specifically. How important prayer is, even for a single individual. Like I said when Katy Perry's Parents were here, why should we feel like our prayers are more direct if the dying person is in the room with us crying, or 3,000 miles away. Not that anyone was dying, just something I'm learning. Exactly in these two days that I was sick, Holly was shooting her music video. And being in bed all day long, not much more you can do than either sleep, eat, read, or pray. As Holly travels into this new HUGE chapter of her ministry, more prayer, support, and foundation is needed than ever.

Anyways, that's about my life right now. Just resting and learning about prayer.

Finally, a calm day ;-) haha



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