Sunday, February 19, 2012

tomorrow. tomorrow...

my family gets here tomorrow at 11:45 p.m. (almost exactly 24 hours;-)I don't believe it. I can't believe it. it's so weird to me to think about. Weird to think that I have a family out there in the world. I have grown so accustomed to this lifestyle. To this family here. To my life in Peru, that I have lost touch with everything Washingtonian. ;-) I've lost my other life so to say.

I don't know how this collision is going to go. When my two lives come smashing into a whirlwind of language, culture, and personalities. I am excited for things like my family being able to experience the food. I am excited to go to Machu Picchu again. I am excited to sing with Holly. To see Clark after almost a year away from him. To see how I have changed... and how they have. For them to meet my friends. For my friends to try to speak to them in their broken English.

But I am nervous as well...

I am nervous for how the two cultures will accepts eachother. I am nervous for how my family will react to the parts of Peru where it's about enjoying life rather than being comfortable if that makes sense. If my family will be able to relax into the culture (and the heat). I am nervous for being a translator for 4 people. I am nervous how my mom will feel when she sees how close I am to my host mom here. I am nervous for the fact that I CAN'T SHOW THEM HOW AMAZING PERU IS IN ONLY 11 DAYS. I am nervous they won't love my new home. My new country.

But in the end, my love for my families completely dominates it all. I can't describe how I feel other than as if it weren't actually going to happen. I am about to "meet" the people who raised me from my birth. I am ready to show them how I have grown. How I have matured. And the ways that I have flourished here in Peru.

Mainly this entry is for me. Just thinking about how I am possible going to live, when my two worlds collide.



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  1. OH MAN DO I WISH I WAS COMING:) I AM ALREADY ANTICIPATING EVERYTHING. I can already feel the airport emotion, man I get goosebumps when I think about it. They will collide well Luke, come on, its your family they collide well in EVERYTHING. Then running around with your family will be SO MUCH FUN! But what I am most excited about your family all having actually family time NOT ENTERTAINMENT LIFE, MISSION LIFE, but FAMILY TIME. GODS TIMING IS SO AMAZING!! QUIT WORRYING EVERYTHING WILL GO GREAT! WHAT COULD BE BETTER THEN SHOWING OFF YOUR FAMILY AND SINGING WITH THAT FABULOUS SISTER OF YOURS! NNOOTTHHIINNGG!!! Have a GREAT TIME and record so we can get to see a VIDEO from beginning to end of the trip:) Not to much so your enjoying your time but some so we get to see!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL