Wednesday, February 15, 2012

intimately incredible...

just gonna say it... God is FREAKING me out down here in Peru.

first with my church and my friends and all that going on and now...
I could possibly be going to missionary (seminary) school down here in Peru.

Here's the facts...

1) My church, incredible, is a shoot off of the Hillsong church in Australia. (which means yes, we have amazing music;-)

2) Since I have my AA from the Running Start Program in Washington I will not be going to college this year either. Instead, I was planning on (and still am) going to Israel with my parents in January... which means I have until December to do something. Well guess what, this program goes from March until the middle of February.

3) Better yet, there happens to be a "spring break" exactly when I am required to return to the U.S. in July to end my exchange.

4) My host mom upon hearing the news told me that I was welcome to live here for as long as possibly possible.

5) Since it is a branch of hillsong, we have a full out professional band in my church that is INCREDIBLE who happens to be looking for another piano player;-)

5) The big one. The courses are certified by colleges in Florida. But, they are sped up down here in Peru allowing you to get 2 years done in 1 year here. Which, yes, means that you would be able to graduate with your degree in two years. But, since I already have my AA, that would mean I would be graduating in December with my degree in something like theology or human services.

6) The even better part. Since we are in Peru, the college credit has been offered for a lower price-a much much lower price.

Can you say $400 dollars for an entire year.

Yes, my mouth equally dropped. So that would be $400 for this year to receive credit and 400 soles (around $150 dollars) per month for the books and courses (including mission trips around Peru!).

So, as of right now this is just something very incredible that God has popped into my life. I might look back at this in a week and say, wow, I actually thought that that was possible. Or maybe I'll look back on it as one of the greatest decisions of my life. Either way, I am appreciating that God has answered prayer.

He has opened a door;-)




  1. Wow Luke that is amazing! God is really working through this exchange. You are so blessed. I'm kind of hoping that on my exchange, God will open doors for me, maybe not like he definitely has for you, but I hope that I will find opportunities. It is so nice to read these posts, because you are clearly enjoying yourself. Take care and God bless.
    Monica :)

  2. Luke, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! Thanks again for all you wonderful Blogs it just is such a encouragement to me to read them and hear all what God is doing in your life. Whatever you do I know you will do AWESOME!! BLESSINGS!!! Hey your mom and dad and HOLLY will be there VERY VERY SOON!!!!!:) I will be thinking of you all the WHOLE TIME and I mean the WHOLE TIME!!!:)