Tuesday, February 7, 2012

no. way.

It actually RAINED in Lima. And more surprising... it actually rained in Lima IN THE SUMMER! wow. as much as any peruvian (or I) thought, it can actually rain in this desert.

Last night, some big clouds came in right as we where finishing vaulting. By the time I made it to my house it began to sprinkle... which was enough of a shock. Then, as I left to go see "Courageous" the movie (sooo good) it was raining. Here they would considering POURING DOWN RAIN, but in Quincy we would consider it a light sprinkle. It was just enough to were the cars could use their wipers without it making that horrible dry screechy sound.

Anyways, rain in a very humid/hot place makes for a bad mixture. Today is horrible. The hundred percent humidity mixed with the evaporating rain and the 85 degree weather makes for a very disgusting feeling. I am currently sitting in my bed sweating what seems to be gallons. It has inspired me to clean my sheets.

I thought of how inappropriate this feeling would be in the U.S. Being super hot and not being able to do anything about it. We would be frustrated the air conditioning wasn't working. It's been very interesting learning to live uncomfortably comfortable...if you understand me. Life must go on, even though everyone is dying of heat, there is no air conditioning. There is no escape. So, you learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. You learn to feel life, and not be stuck in a climate controlled box that numbs you to what is around you.

Maybe it's only me... but that was something very new I had to learn. Life has many perspectives...

Don't get stuck in one.



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  1. Luke i know you feel since we were really hot day yesterday and we have no air conditioning here and i can't wait to see you bro it's been way to long and glad to hear you doing well