Saturday, February 4, 2012


Don't think I told you guys, but in Peru, all of February is CARNIVAL! Basically what happens is everyone, even old ladies, are ripe for being soaked with water guns, ballons, buckets in ALL of Lima! Okay, so it's not entirely that crazy because of recent laws that have calmed it down a bit, but nevertheless, it is there. Still creeping into the combis from the hands of little children.

And tonight I got to experience this Peruvian tradition for the first time. IN MY CHURCH. We had a giant water fight in which I was able to take not a single photo or video. 1)Due to the fact of the danger of water destroying my camera and 2) I forgot my camera...;-0 whoops. ;-) It was completely incredible. It began with "everybody hit the gringo!" And ended with me alone completely drenched in the middle of the court waiting for people to try to hit me haha. It was awesome. In the end they said "This gringo can actually play!" (and yes, being able to "play" in carnival is definitely a talent). I felt so Peruvian, it was inspiring.

So also tonight was the Rotary Outbound meeting here in Peru (for all those who are going from Peru to another country this year). Weird how much it made me my first days. All the questions. All the boring meetings. All the PAPERWORK! Wow, so glad I'm past that. But in the end, I was able to talk in front of the entire group of parents and kids (which you can see here)...

I was able to also get 2 kids to say they wanted to literally come to Quincy for their exchange! whooohoo!  And I managed to almost give away all of the rest of my pins today;-) Quite a feat considering I had like 800 to begin with and this is only half way through my year... ;-)

Everyday I continue to learn more. Not only about the language, but about myself as well. I have become a completely different person here... and am still changing. It has been ALL completely for the better too. I have learned so many personality traits that I was blind to in the U.S. I have definitely learned how being the youngest child automatically gives you certain personality flaws. haha, but those are all being worked out.

I am just so excited learning everything down here. I can't wait to go back to my other home and be the new person I am. I have been blessed by God to be able to learn equally how to be a missionary and what that is like while I have been down here. So many blessings, so little time to thank Him. In the end, just want to say to NEVER STOP LEARNING. Because you always can be learning... in whatever situation.



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