Thursday, January 5, 2012

last night.

woke up to a return letter from my sister this morning. and i think it actually got me to start breathing again. She told me how sorry she was, how inappropriate my host dad had been acting about it all. And she even told me that her dad knew I didn't break the table... but was just choosing to tell everyone I did.

But ya, at least I know that I'm not the only one that thinks he's crazy. It will just be really weird seeing him again this weekend when I go over to their house. You can definitely pray for me for that...

A few other quick notes...

1) Found out that the president (my first host dad) is making all the exchange student leave by June 30. And a ton of people are super mad (it was supposed to be July 30). He didn't consult the rotary board or anything. So, a lot of people are choosing to not listen to him about that date.

2) Something incredible going on down here... I'm going to Argentina... for 2 weeks! I got invited by the track team here in Peru to go and compete with them the last week of March in 3 competitions (2 in Buenos Aires and 1 somewhere else).  So excited! Especially to wear a peruvian uniform pole vaulting. As well as going to see some exchange students friends in Buenos Aires!!!!;-)

3) I put together an American Night down here. We are having it today. Kind of as a gift from Honore and I to the exchange students from Peru who went to the US last year, we are having a night of pure american food, movies, ice cream, and more importantly... ENGLISH!!!! It will be super cool to be surrounded by my native language again tonight. We're going to eat at T.G.I.Fridays too;-)



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