Monday, December 5, 2011

i was blind... but now...

Got back from our weekend with the down-syndrome kids. It was, well it just left me speechless to say the least. To start off, I decided to take this weekend as a time to really focus in 100 percent in helping the kids, so unfortunately (for you) I didn't take a single picture or video. But I will be receiving a few from some friends later on. But anyways, my lack of production isn't the topic of choice in this entry.

To begin, this weekend for me had almost nothing to do with kids with down-syndrome. Although about 100 out of the 150 had down, I kind of was elected in a weird sort of way to help out with the 3 blind children that were there. (Marcia, Grace, and Brayan.) More specifically, I was chosen (by brayan) to be his self guide, friend, food-deliverer, personal jungle gym, etc... for the weekend.

Brayan is 10 years old. If you want to know what he is like, for those of you who remember me when I was a kid brayan is like that. Completely on his edge exited and in his own world content all day long. It was amazing to see how he latched onto me. It started when I got there, I saw the blind children wanting to play basketball. For some reason, I had the idea to use one of their guiding sticks to tap the basket so they could "see" it.

Amazingly, IT WORKED! They could actually use the sound to determine the height and location of the rim and were extremely successful in getting the ball in the hoop. For one, it made me feel great that I could help them be able to enjoy something that we all take for granted, and for them...well their smiles explained it all. They had never made a basket... never even really tried. So now, peru has 3 more basketball players ;-)

Brayan really opened my eyes. He showed me what it is like to trust. To confide in one person so much that you would let them run with you in their hands because you can't run on your own. So you can feel things, experience things you've never had the chance to. He showed me a glimpse of how God sees us. If we would just open our eyes, we would experience a world unimaginable. But it is so hard to imagine (a world of color) when we have always be in a world of darkness.)

And in the end, I can say Brayan was honestly one of the biggest blessings I have ever had in my entire life. And do you want to know whats crazy? I found out his uncle goes to MY CHURCH. So I will now be seeing brayan frequently on whatever sunday he is permitted to come. God just keeps on blessing my face off. (if that's even appropriate to say) haha.

I'm speechless. I wish you could have all met Brayan. The joy in his face. The excitement he had to be able to just run on a soccer field in my arms. To be able to make baskets. To be able to feel one step closer to "normal." That is how we should be with Christ. Completely astounded and in awe everytime he teaches us something. Hard or easy.

Open your eyes.



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